Man I love your approach to this, still a lot to learn on my end and your newsletters are juicy, not boring dry.

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Jan 15·edited Jan 15

Proud to become a HKC Founding Member :-)

Your podcast, discussions, book suggestions etc etc have kept me interested, intrigued and inspired for the past five odd years. It was especially helpful during the dark days of Lockdown. Very happy to support Looking Sideways.

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After what feels like an age of 'getting shit for free' online, it seems the message is finally filtering through to most of us who consume internet content. I recall reading both sides of the argument (paying vs keeping it free) starting 10+ years ago, as those working hard to produce good content pointed out that there would come a time when they would like/need to get paid for their work. (It circled back to the previous discussion on creatives getting paid properly).

I would buy £50 worth of magazines monthly to cover my wide variety of interests, but these days, like everyone else, I never visit WHSmiths because, well, Youtube and podcasts fills that void. I 'pay' by having to watch 40 seconds of ads per video, or listen to Athletic Greens ads on podcasts. Another way I 'pay' is by often purchasing books by guests I find interesting.

Paying directly for podcasts is new to me I must admit, yet something I strongly consider more and more. I recall going from buying my music in vinyl/tape/cd format to enjoying free music via piratebay, to now paying for music again with Spotify.

What I think I'm trying to say is that its still early days and in 5 years it probably won't be unusual to pay-per-podcast. For me, added or bonus content isn't much of an incentive as I place 100% of the value of podcasts I love in the actual audio.

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Jan 16·edited Jan 16

Longtime listener since that initial Ed Leigh in the car chat way back when, so makes sense for me to contribute towards your efforts and endeavours.

The sense of community we share in our given passions is made all the more special with something like this to connect us.

Thank you Matt - and long may you reign!

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Hey Matt - I first discovered your podcast a few years ago (I think it had been going for about 12 months at the time) and it has helped sustain me over the last couple of years when I haven't been able to do any actual snowboarding (apart from short razzes in the 'domes). I came originally for the snowboarding but stayed for the skate, surf "and other related endeavours". I was particularly struck early on by the Phil Young story and this was a great example of using action sports to investigate other themes; I love the way you do this.

I usually listen when out walking and this has helped motivate me to go out - if it's a bit grey out, then I still have a reason to go. Always listen all the way through, I am definitely on TeamHKC #TFTG

I felt a bit guilty about being slow to buy the book, so no messing now - straight in with a subscription!

Community is what it's all about - it is a big part of what got me into snowboarding in the first place and it's still making me new friends now.

Nice one!


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Thank you for sharing this perspective. I am on the same boat and might follow your footateps

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Hi Matt, just went to sign up but apparently I’m already signed up as a paid subscriber until July so some how I’ve got a six month subscription without paying? Make any sense to you?

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Hi Matt, hopefully the message I’ve just written via another link finds you. Anyhow, just wanted to say that paying for the podcast didn’t take any thinking about, the endless hours of enjoyment and education are worth every penny. I would also add that HKC is definitely a highlight and I’m looking forward to some TFTG merchandise at some point.

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I'm definitely firmly in the 'other related endeavours' camp - my outdoor/adrenaline activities have been trail running, climbing/mountaineering and motorbike racing over the years. I think I found you either via Daddy Dark from Run Dem Crew or Leo Houlding so that's a while ago now. I've stuck around as I really enjoy your approach to the trickier areas of discussion, and most of all I really appreciate your acknowledgment of toxic masculinity. It is sadly still unusual (imho), and therefore noteworthy, to hear men talking about it and how it impacts others.

I'll be honest, I am oblivious to a lot of the Names in snowboarding and surfing, but the issues of culture and gatekeeping are familiar from my own other related endeavours, climbing in particular. Deary me!

I support a few others via Patreon and other memberships - podcasts, writers and musicians and I'm really happy to do so. I'm a semi professional musician and could go on for hours about paying for content that others take for granted as being free to access but distinctly not free to provide. So I was also waiting for another way to support, and clicked YES PLEASE when you launched this. I agree with another person below - I contribute as a way of supporting and saying 'yes, i appreciate this and it is of value to me.' Amanda Palmer's The Art of Asking is a great read on this (and many other subjects). I don't expect loads of bonus bits, it's just nice to be able to show my support.

Thanks again and keep up the good work. If this were instagram that would usually be preceded by a complisult wouldn't it! :D

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Glad to have this option to support your work! Your podcasts have kept me company on many a long walk or drive, so no brainer to contribute.

Though a member of the ‘other related endeavours’ camp, I listen to hear your take on the nuances of a culture and tackling some difficult conversations.

My favourites are always the lifer episodes. I’m always intrigued by how people manage to continue infuse a pursuit into their life, sometimes turning it into a profession.

Also I’m here because it is rare to hear anyone so openly verbose, HKC is my favourite part when you unleash all the big words 😂

Keep doing what you do Matt!

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It's definitely the best value for time listened podcast that I listen to, and is certainly worth a few quid for the entertainment and thought provocation.

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Hi Matt, you're well aware that I love what you do, have brought merch and the book in the past so am definitely behind this move and agree with all the principles of it, people need to be paid for what they do and a lot of creatives aren't the best at valuing themselves in that way. Is this because most creatives see a capitalist system as problematic and move themselves away from it (discuss!) or that confidence in self value is not something taught in our education system where value is placed on the "right" answer to a question rather than the creative possibilities of numerous answers? A separate thread all of that ha ha.

I wanted to comment on this thread though as when I listened to the episode I wondered whether you considered a tiered system? I ask because you've discussed opening access to certain arenas in the podcast before and have a sense you politically lean to the left, so why not allow those with more to subsidise access to those with less who do still want to support it financially and commit in that way, but who have to consider if they can have that pint of Guiness or not. I mean I agree with you that it's not a lot, but if someone on a low wage has high rent, wants to support amnesty, maybe NTS and yourself, the percentage of their income going to do that is a different figure than someone on double, triple or far more. Maybe this comes across as a niche point but I think it's important to consider how we make things equitable. Of course I'm well aware the pod itself will still be free, but am equally aware that some people want to show their support and commitment to what you do but maybe would have to really think if they can afford £84 a year and are probably the most in need of possible prizes. Just a thought, so wondered if you had considered it or if there were reasons why not?

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Jan 27Liked by Matthew Barr

This episode was a treat on a flight back from Geneva riding the fine line between half cut and a horrendous hangover. Luckily it kept me on the right side of that line. All kinds of HKC goodness.

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