Another peach of an episode. Going to have to listen again with a notebook and pencil! Really interesting to hear more of your guests challenging the idea of 'who gets to be a surfer', but even more taken with the idea of how our time in the water can meaningfully contribute to the ecosystem - not just take from it. Also agree with Rebecca that the most interesting changes are coming from building community action and collectivism. The idea of a new kind of citizenship (give as much as take) is building. Great episode - thanks Matt

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The ideas around our attitudes to open space challenge some deeply held feelings that I have about the environment. The most thought provoking podcast you have done yet!

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Aug 5, 2022·edited Aug 5, 2022

So much to talk about in this episode, and it's immediately gone into the favourite episodes bucket.

The chat around vulnerability in the water, I can relate to. I can remember a couple of times in the water off the south coast (UK) where I have had to get out of the water because I have freaked myself out completely. Both times I was alone, and something just felt off. As you well know, it was completely unjustified.

Intrigued about how Rebecca talked about the reasons for doing her study, and what she hoped she would achieve from it.

Not relating this to Rebecca, but I think that many of us do things in our life to potentially do something that people will remember us for. Consciously or not. Is it the yearning to not be forgotten when we leave this mortal coil? A bit deep that - sorry!

Loved the point on how the surf industry focuses everything they do around the minority of good surfers out there, and forgets about the majority of us kooks. Never really thought about that!

On her activism, I could hear many of things that Hugo Tagholm, and Dave Rastovich talked about in their conversations with you.

Great, great episode Matt!!

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