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Sometimes I just like writing really lengthy articles on things I've learned or am interested in. You can find them here.

Why true diversity isn't possible if you aren't prepared to pay people properly for their time and expertise.
Open Thread: On AllyshipWhen I told Jojo, my All Conditions Media co-founder, and one of my closest pals, that I was going to post this Open Thread asking ‘how men can b…
A blog-length answer to a common question: 'Where do you find the time to read so much?'
Open Thread: Highlights of 2023 Hello friends How’s it going? I’m just back from LA where one of the highlights was catching up with some very old friends. So thanks Alex, Esme…
The legendary snowboarder on dealing with the most life-changing experience of all.
The celebrated astronaut and passionate surfer on the four essential techniques she used to cope with her record-breaking stint among the stars.
Documenting our mission to go self-sufficient and off-grid in rural Normandy
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