Just saying hello Matt and friends, or maybe 'Alright. How's it goin...'

Like this idea (here) as I've fallen out with Instagram and this feels a better place for reaction and comment. I couldn't pick a favourite episode but I've learned something from nearly all of them. Really like the newsletter that suplements the podcast - and the guest posts are really good too. Keep it up :)

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Hey! Probably a good time for a new community space. IG seems to be dying by the day.

Favorite episode whilst very biased I would say Henry Jackson.

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Hey Matt,

My favourite episode is 100% Cori Schumacher! So much respect for her ideology, her activism and her drive!! My fav conversation!!

Still unbelievably flattered to be part of your back catalogue.

If you can interview Carissa Moore please

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Hey man,

Loved the show since it’s first episode (the premier “action sports” - cue eyeroll - podcast out there)!

Big thanks for keeping things rolling throughout the carnage and thank you for caring enough to continue to make quality episodes week on week.

Fave episodes have to be :

Jamie Thomas

Trevor Graves

Jamie Brisick

Marcus Chapman

& Todd Richards (as an old AF snowboarder myself, he had to feature)!

Keep on keeping on Matt - we all owe you a massive thank you! 🤙🏼

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Hey Matt! I really enjoyed your posts about what you’ve learnt about being a freelancer. As someone who’s trying to carve a career out of adventure (and cycling), I found your advice very helpful. Especially what you said about building a network and understanding your rituals. It’s awesome to have someone like yourself to look up to when it comes to unconventional career choices! As for the podcast, I really enjoyed your interviews with Jack Harries, Shannon Galpin and Rachel Atherton. I’ve also been enjoying the recent ones😊

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Hey Matt. I can’t recall now how I found the podcast, but I’m glad I did. I must admit, due to an ever increasing list of unplayed podcasts, I tend to pick and choose my episodes (from both yours and others), so, for better or worse, listen to those guests that I’ve heard of. I’m well aware that I’ll likely miss some very interesting discussions, but generally, as a late 40s skateboarder myself, I go for the skate ones.

For a ‘multi sport’ person you can more than hold your own with skaters. I often cringe when listening to those who are now 100% invested in the skate game, where as you do a great job.

The email is good too. It’s one of the few that I didn’t immediately!

Looking forward to more episodes….

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Jun 26, 2022Liked by Matthew Barr

Love the variety of guests and that it doesn't just feature pros in whatever discipline (I do enjoy those ones too) but folk from all walks of life. Trust you'll make the right choices with the direction of the podcast but would encourage you to keep full or as much editorial control as possible as hearing someone tell it how they see it and not ducking asking questions is refreshing in this world we live in at the moment.

Couldn't pick a favourite but I do think the Ross Edgely one, despite not being a 'sideways' one, captured an amazing achievement and the moment just before his life would change forever - great piece of journalism.

Thanks for all the hard work giving us something to tune into between it all 🙂

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Hey Matt

It's been a fun listening journey, one that has provoked a number of different responses.

I'm a super average skater, surfer and snowboarder but I appreciate your delivery and variety of guests.

Listening to your chat with Chris Hines caused me to take an inward look at my sport and start my own platform to communicate sustainable initiatives in the world of skydiving/aviation.

I like the idea of this platform, feel more cosy than da gram!

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Hi Matt, big fan of your podcasts, although I have a few to catch up on lately.

I’m a keen snowboarder, mountain biker and rubbish surfer so I choose to take photos of surfers instead! Mike Guest was one of my favourites from last year and of course the Tim and Gendle Xmas specials!

Am I right in thinking you had Chris Burkard lined up for your live show? Did that happen?

As for Instagram, yep agree it going downhill rapidly...although is it just me or from this evening have they started including a lot less sponsored posts in the feed??



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If I am honest, Looking Sideways became a go to throughout lock down, despite loving the podcasts for an age. Man there are so many episodes that resonate, and like a god book I often revisit episodes. Any one who has been on a road trip will know, Looking Sideways and Type 2 are trusted travelling companions of mine. It’s all about the authenticity for me, and that’s needed more than ever right now, a platform where ideas are shared in a respectful way, explored and listened to without a polarised agenda (that’s rare right now). Some of my favourite episodes for a number of reasons are:

Lauren Maccullum

Jamie Thomas

Dani Kiwi Meier

Cairo Foster

All the Type 2 content is always a winner, and can’t forget the legend that is Chris Hines on Type 2, that started a chapter in my life that changed everything, also Ryan Gellert. To many to mention really.

For me it’s a platform that allows accessibility to a lot of important issues and topics that wouldn’t get a platform anywhere else, and always curated with such respect.

Future guests, Thomas Campbell, Jason Lee, Jack Bessant and in terms of type 2 I think Duke Stump has some interesting things to say right now.

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Well hello Matt, one of my mates passed on the pod by text message in the early days, difficult to pick a clear favourite but the second Ed Leigh episode was classic. Been 10 years your senior and was a keen snowboarder and now just a land locked crap surfer, generally means i don't read as much as glasses are required for small print these days, the action sports podcasts are right up my street. Having crossed paths with a few of the interviewees over the years always makes for a little extra intrigue as your conversations start to flow. Stella job dude - see you out the back.

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Hi Matt, I started listening cos of the banging interview with DJBBQ and Ed Leigh (my gen.) , all the old snow crew, then picked up some of the old (new to me) skate crew - drifted through surfing, getting angry with some of the attitudes then realised (boom!) when you interviewed the old English big wave guy - there are some people who live their lives and some users, game changer.

Always start listening when in the car but that’s not ideal, driving breeds impatience and that’s the wrong way to approach WLS , trying to change that now. BTW. Leslie McKenna is my go to example of a negotiating politician , our little recreational activities can change things for the better. Glad you’re progressing, you moving us with you - good luck.

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I was wondering what happened when I couldn't find your Twitter anymore. I totally get it, but I'm hanging around since that's where my gaming friends are and one of the few places I can promote my blog posts, as IG is for my performer alter-ego and FB is absolute poop for promotion unless you pay for ads.

I'm still working through the archives, but being a drag performer, of course I love Pattie Gonia's. I also love Leo Baker's because they're one of the first nonbinary athletes I knew and I've always admired their skating so their story meant a lot to me. Since trans athletes' place in the world of sports is such a hot issue, I would love to hear more trans guests. So much of the conversation is happening without their input even though they're the ones being scrutinized. I also think it'd be rad to hear from Mary Walsh. I met her at Dew Tour and am in awe of all the things she's involved with.

And for some shameless self-promotion, here's my blog: https://tothepowerofx.wordpress.com/

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I often find your recommendations for stuff outwith the normal sphere to be most interesting. Just read that Guardian piece about Kate Clancy, which I hadn’t been aware of. Man, there’s a lot to talk about there if anyone’s up for a debate! Not that there are clear answers, of course.

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Hey Matt. Pretty long time listener in fits and starts. Came for the action sports content and stayed for the eloquent diverse and thought-provoking discussion! At 38, I feel like the whippersnapper in the room, but have a history of snowboarding, skating and cycling so heaps of it has massive interest to me. The scenes and people are so intrinsic to the sports themselves so I find the added depth fascinating. Also, props for the latest ten things email - I couldn’t believe how relevant and diverse the items were. Like I said on insta, action sports is just a lens that we’re viewing the world through and it seems to be an effective filter for getting rid of (most of) the morons. When are you making HKC clobber then? #tftg

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Jun 28, 2022·edited Jun 28, 2022

I’m Alex. A snowboarder and mountain biker…but time is short these days so instead get my mountain/outdoor fix from walking and running…I figured bikes and snowboards were just tools to help me find flow and be outdoors…I think that’s why the David Benedek episode stands out for me, how he talked about spending less time snowboarding and going for quality over quantity and also finding flow in everyday life.

I don’t use social media anymore, so was feeling a bit disconnected from the podcast…so this is great. Feels like a place for the diehards, a “thank fuck they’ve gone” to the gram perhaps!

Thanks for all your hard work!

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Alright, how's it going.

Been listening for a while. Usually cherry picking the people I know or I identify with in some way.

I'm a surfer and mountain biker nowadays but used to work in the skateboard industry before my ACLs wore out.

I really enjoy hearing from people who have made the sports what they are today. The people who paved the way. Also love the variety of people you cover across all the action sports but also activists etc.

Looking forward to seeing how the community grows and I hope you do find a good way to decouple from social. Love the emails and always find a few things super relevant and end up sharing them on. The future has to be owning your own audience, not relying on Zuck and the machines.

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Hi Matt. Long time no see. I read the weekly email often, I really value the society, well-being, and DEI content. Hope you’re keeping well. Chris Arnold

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Hi Matt

Still loving the podcast. Favourites (for varied reasons) include:-

*Tom Caroll

*Tony Butt

*Sascha Hamm

*Shauna Coxsey

*Peterson & McNaghton

*Phil Young

*Gwyn Haslock

*Sally McGee

I particularly enjoy the 'none sideways' guests too. Perhaps this is explained by a 6 month hiatus in surfing and skating to make room for an attempt at triathlon. I will return to surfing and skating with a different set of eyes.

My only criticism is that there is a lot of talk about diversity but little variation in the ages of guests. We are missing out on all the stories of the first generations of sideways people and the current crop.

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A high five from Finland!

I respect your clear vision about where you want to lead your wonderful project but I must admit that I’m missing the interviews with old school snowboarders. For example I think it would be about time find Daniel Frank to hear what’s up.

Thanks and have a great summer!

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Hi, like others have said I enjoy the mixture of different guests on the podcast, it's interesting hearing different people's perspectives and different career paths etc. I'm definitely biased towards the skateboarding-related guests and there are some amazing skate-related interviews (e.g John Rattray, Bryce Kanights, Wig Worland, Ben Powell etc) in the back-catalogue in case anyone hasn't listened to them yet :)

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Hi all! I’m a big fan of the podcast. Matt I was wondering if you’ve thought about crowdfunding the event at The Wave? Could work nicely to protect yourself and see if there’s a demand (which I’m sure there would be!) before having to sink a tonne of your own cash in. It would also give you the ability to offer tickets with a range of different perks; a basic one just giving you access to the event, including a t-shirt, more surf slots, signatures from guest speakers etc. Being crowdfunded would also add to the whole feeling community behind it and if you were looking to attract sponsors it could work well for that too. Ah man it would be so good to see it come to life!

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Long time listener, and enjoyer of Looking Sideways, and Type 2. Die hard HKC fan.

Some favourite episodes include, in no particular order.

189 - Kepa Acero

061 - Dave Mailman

079 - Jamie Thomas

118 - Steve England

135 - Christina Koch

129 - Matt Warshaw

116 - Gywn Haslock

Actually forget that, "Dave Mailman" is my favourite, and I am already reviewing my list.

Why haven't I added Rob Machado or Mick Fanning?

Worth mentioning how important the Instagram live events were over lockdown. It gave myself and many others something to look forward to at the end of the week. A time when many of us had zero human contact for long periods of time. Thank you again for that Matt (and guests).

I've moved away from the Brighton area, but hope to share some waves one day buddy.

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Hello. New to the podcast. Recommended by Tim LeRoy below... I did that thing of listening to the people I know, or have met, or have worked with, or live/work near first (Hugo Tagholm, Tom Kay, Rachel Atherton, James Otter) now I have the pleasure of also listening to loads of conversation from brilliant creative minds I've not heard of. Favs so far... Shaun Tomson, Mickey Smith, David Carson, Neale Haynes. Spending time on the more creative/art/design/photography conversations at the moment. Also loved Hanli Prinsloo and would really enjoy some more conversations with freedivers — less of the competitive record grabbing stuff and more exploring/photography, like Daan Verhoeven. Other photographers, perhaps Nick Pumphrey and the lovely Matt Smith (Instant Surf). Very much approve of the refreshing no-ads approach so bought a tee to support. Thank you.

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Been listening for a long time, not sure how I originally came to the podcast, maybe it was a Whitelines post. The variety of guests and stories is great and it's always a relaxing listen, You seem to always get interesting stories out your guests, whether that's thoughtful questions, good guest selection or a mixture of both (and probably more of your interviewing dark arts). Always know that when your "alright friends" comes over it's going to be a bit of a more thoughtful hour or so than a lot of other podcasts which seem a lot louder, or at least more shouty, with a lot less to say. As for the favourite episode, so many to choose from, but I think the Shambles one is up there, just for being so memorable.

Right, to paraphrase the start of housekeeping corner, Thank Fuck That's Done!

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Alright!, glad those other fuckers have gone now!

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Hey Matt, just enjoyed your lovely chat with Chris Moran. Great Sunday morning listening whilst painting a bannister. I'm a big fan of your work. After finishing a gruelling policy & procedure locked career, I'm now trying to navigate my way around early retirement. A passionate 'looking sideways' afficiado of Snow, Skate, Surf and other 'related endevours'. Your creative pods are a window to a life and lives I truly applaud. As I navigate this retirement mallarki your excellent pods give me warmth, inspire and drive me to find those creative juices I always knew I had somewhere. As I continue to feel even more self conscious at the age I am skating the streets, surfing waves I really have no right to be near or sending it in the back country (easier behind a mask and helmet) with the young'uns. I can always hear you say "nobody really gives a shit anyway". Crack on.

Nice one..

Andy C.

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Hi Matt, I’m in unknown territory now haha. I’m not really into the social media thing, so probably won’t have much to add. I love pretty much every episode, I was introduced to the podcast during Covid and being as kitesurfing is my passion I listened to Pete Cabrinha first. I was instantly hooked and decided to go back to the start and work my way through (luckily I drive quite a bit, so this made the endless journeys really enjoyable). I really love the Christmas specials and the Ed Leigh episodes, but surprisingly I think the most inspiring episodes are from people I haven’t heard of before. I’d like to thank you for broadening my knowledge and highlighting various topics, which have opened my eyes considerably. Keep up the great work.

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To my ears, the podcast has evolved so much im constantly pinging on episodes to fellow photographers and creatives to provoke conversations. It feels like creativity, human interest, ethics etc., play way more of a role in your line of questioning, and you have been sharing more personally over this last year or so. Im no podcast pro, but if I think back to the small number I have been on and your line of questioning when we chatted, it really made me look at things from a new angle. Two things have stood out for me of late one is the ongoing discussion regarding creatives being appropriately paid. I now use that as my reply to folks asking me about this subject and even accidentally last week to an agency which ultimately turned into a positive outcome if somewhat embarrassing at first ( long story ). The Second is the latest episode with Nathan Gallagher im going to have to listen back to this again and take some notes, and it will be saved as one to send on to lots of folks. Keep on Keeping on, Matt. P.S put this through Grammarly to hopefully untangle the dyslexic spaghetti of my ramble. Oops, I meant to say who i am ? A loudmouth dyslexic who obsesses with water in all forms, the connections between Neurodiversity, mental health, and creativity while also on a personal mission to stop overthinking things quite so much. Oh, and i take photos for a living if im not on a sabbatical driving a forklift on a TV drama set

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As an Aussie surfer who's spent years in the UK, I love the less known surf stories your podcast brings to light, and while I agree with Yvette (who's episode was great and eye opening) that Riss would be a great get, I'm going suggest the GOAT, Stephanie, and also Dave Rastovich

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Hi there! 👋🏻

This is Pas. A Spaniard that moved to the UK for job and ended falling in love with a lively English lady, but also with the British great outdoors. Living the dream in the South West surfing and hiking with my dogs when I'm not practicing veterinary medicine. And dreaming about snowboarding again after years away form the slopes.

I'm currently educating myself about and getting into the wild world of splitboarding.

A pleasure joining a group of like-minded people (or not. Discussing is food for the brain!). Love ✌🏻

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Hello fellow Looking Sideways community..!

I think this a great idea Matt, so much content to get through..! Also it’s a great opportunity to connect and network with fellow subscribers..!

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Another photographer friend of mine recommended your episode with Burkard. Loved it! I’ve been hooked ever since. Such a great platform.

I also recently attended the Kickstarter evening you did for The Big Sea, in St Agnes. Such an amazing evening. I really appreciate you putting that on and opening it up for questions too. Fascinating and insightful. I’m currently writing a piece about you guys and The Big Sea for LOCAL mag. Legends!

I didn’t even know we could subscribe, so I’ve done that in advance of your night with Burkard in March! Keep doing what you’re doing. We all appreciate it out here!

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Hi Matt - I’ve enjoyed your podcast for a few years now and I wanted to support the forum you’ve created. I think I’ve learnt more about topical issues from the conversations you’ve recorded than from any other medium. I appreciate your candour - it motivates me to learn more. Keep them coming - and please keep the book chat going - now I’m never stuck for recommendations!

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Nice to meet you guys. I'm the owner and CEO of Kemper Snowboards.


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