Looking Sideways: 10 Things

Here are ten things I thought were worth sharing this week

1. New Looking Sideways stuff: my latest episode with US street skating legend Cairo Foster. This is a moving, emotional listen that takes in the big themes. Life, friendship, loss, mental health, the importance of travel, as well as his friendship with the much missed Ben Raemers. Watch the full video interview above, or listen to the audio version here.

2. More Looking Sideways stuff - my friends at Huck Magazine just ran an exclusive extract from Looking Sideways Vol. 1, including a lot of previously unseen Owen Tozer. Click here to read that. And I was just did an interview about the book with my friends at Passenger Clothing. Click here to read that, and here to find out more about the book itself.

3. I’ve been enjoying the debate about the ethics of the billionaire space race (personally I’m in Gil Scott-Heron’s camp) - particularly this Salon article about the practicalities of keeping people alive in space. Click this link to read it.

4. Thom Yorke has remixed Creep - hear it above, and read this Independent article about ‘doomerwave’ to put the whole borderline unlistenable thing in context.

5. The No Comply UK skateboarding exhibition I mentioned a month or so ago is now open at Somerset House in London and looks like essential viewing. Find out more here and watch the trailer above.

6. New podcast alert #1! Brit snowboarder Aimee Fuller interviews British Olympic athletes like Tom Daley in her new The Olympic Mile show for BBC Sounds. Good on ya Aimee. Listen here.

7. New podcast alert #2! The Double Up podcast is ‘a show for women who surf, by women who surf’. Click here to listen to the latest episode (in which hosts Rachael Tilly and Shannon Hughes were very kind about my recent episode with Lucy Small).

8. Do the Olympics still matter, asks John Branch in this hefty New York Times piece. Enjoyed this one; click here to read it.

9. Get a taste of the Penwith good life in this film focussing on Cornish longboarder (and previous LS guest) Mike Lay.

10. When is a burn not a burn? Exemplary Instagram clickbait on the topic du jour from Stab - click here to join in.