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The menopause blog was spot on! - much like the mental health crisis creating, for some capitalist opportunists, the billion dollar 'wellness' industry - now we have the hot topic of menopause being turned into cash. If you are experiencing emotional and physical changes the answer could be as simple as just adapting what you do but don't stop doing it, eating well and resting.

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100% with you on the turnouts for the protests last weekend.

I’m full of appreciation for the people of all ages who did turn up, but when you look at the overall numbers v the population it shows an incredible apathy by the general public.

Why is that? Did people simply not know it was going on?

If you don’t follow the appropriate socials, would you not know?

Was it covered in the general media prior to the protests?

Am I being kind? Is it people are just too lazy? I can’t help feeling if we had been in France it might be slightly different.

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I think the position of chief rabble rouser is definitely needed for protests. Stoke the fire and fan the flames. I think passion is infectious - folk who have their own issues to deal with need to know why this is more important.

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Wow, lots to consider this week.

I could not agree more on your assessment of the paddle out however consciousness of the events I think was low. The local seahorse colony will have to look to others for support.

Note to self , read some Amis soon.

Love the London Calling poster. It sums up the era.

Oh dear. I assume the author of 'The case against books' is writing for a (very) narrow audience drawn from university life. The premise that because you can get your information elsewhere in a more cost effective and efficient way as being the primary consideration for the reasons why the general public (and most academics ) reads misses the point entirely. I suspect Richard knows this and is after as many clicks as he can get thus thus emphasising the value of the long form paper book over the amphetamine of social media approvals. It leaves me curious as to which date is the cut off for serious relevant thought too.

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