Hey Matt! With the 3 of you having a background in snowboarding/action sports I’d be super interested to hear your thoughts on finding a community when moving to a new place - having recently left Aviemore/the Cairngorms (which Lauren especially will know has a pretty tight knit outdoor network) to move to the city I’ve somewhat struggled with my search for a similar group of people, be that through skating or surfing. As snow sports & the outdoors were also the main focus for my creative work there is an element of finding an identity as well.

What advice do you have for navigating through this and making those connections?

Cheers 🤙🏼

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I would love you 3 to discuss future of splitboarding, and maybe future of «ski» resorts, particularly in Europe. Do you believe in this trend that we see happening in the US of «backcountry» resorts (RIP Bluebird resort, but others are taking the lead) coming to the Alps?

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