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can't wait!

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Really enjoyed this one. Pretty humble guy all in all. (He must be VERY good at his job to be where is is right now).

As far a Type 2 is concerned, I'd be interested to see what comes out of its ashes. There is something else coming, right? It would be a massive shame to put it to bed completely. I think as your (and our) awareness grows of the (until very recently) invisible issues within action sports , we all need to be thinking about this stuff much more deeply, and your willingness to confront these issues head on is refreshing and infectious.

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Loved this one. It’s great to listen to someone’s career path in an industry that I have no connection to other than being a consumer. I do wonder if skateboarding is what moulds people into becoming successful in their careers, sadly it hasn’t worked for me 😂.

I agree with Marc in the comment that Type 2 would be a big loss, it is such a fountain of knowledge. Hopefully it will continue in some form or another.

Interviews I would really like in the future would be with the Helgasons, as I think they would have an interesting story as riders, brand owners and snowboarding rock stars. I would also love to hear Julien Pica Herry talk about his work in Pakistan and of course guiding in Chamonix. Lastly I would like you to have a chat with Ben Wilson, Australian surfer / kite surfer / former brand owner.

Sorry it’s a big list, but these are only my top 3 😂

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Alex goes on the list ever-growing list of people you've interviewed with whom I'd like to have a drink or two. Strong episode :)

I'd be really sorry to see the end of Type 2. It's now a special and unique resource for anyone wanting to learn about applied activism, but there's been a blurring of the lines in things you talk about in Looking Sideways (in a good way), and the kind of people you interview for quite a while, hasn't there?! I don't mind what you call it, or how the format works, but please do keep focussing on the nexus of action sports and other related environmentalism and social justice endevours.

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Mar 6, 2023·edited Mar 6, 2023

Hi Matt

It would a shame to lose Type 2 without a replacement. I have found the activists both inspiring and a source of new thinking. Nick Hayes and Lewis Arnold/Chris Nelson have provoked arguably the largest reactions most recently.

There are clearly a lot of your audience that get a great deal from interviews and interaction with those in the industry but I suspect there are also listeners that side with environmental activism and the practitioners of going sideways. Many of us go sideways without consciously giving a thought to branding.

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So this was good, always just find myself too busy to listen to podcasts but was glad to catch this and then ironically find out about Type 2 which appears to be a whopper of a collection of decent material. Keep up the good work.

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