Mar 19 • 1HR 12M

Bonus: Chris Burkard Live!

A special bonus episode for paid subscribers only with the legendary and hugely influential photographer.

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Me and Chris Burkard, London, March 2023. Photo: Owen

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“I don't consider myself a world traveller because I haven't travelled the world. I literally found the 10 places I love and just keep going back. Because I would rather go deep and immersive with a culture, and understand it and its issues, than just fill myself with dopamine every time I get a stamp of my passport to shoot images out the car window at 60 miles an hour, which I've done.”

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Last week, I interviewed Chris Burkard at a special event in London organised by my agency

and my pals at Db. I offered up a number of free tickets for paid subscribers - and now I’m releasing the entire conversation as a bonus episode exclusively for paid subscribers only…

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