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About Looking Sideways

Presented by journalist and co-Director of All Conditions Media Matt Barr, the Looking Sideways podcast uncovers the most interesting stories in action sports and other related endeavours.

The show launched in 2017, with Matt’s background as a journalist, twenty-plus years industry experience, and unrivalled contact book quickly helping the show became one of the most respected and beloved podcast shows in the action sports world - and beyond.

Today, the show has organically amassed a captive global audience while remaining completely independent. In 2021, Matt published the first Looking Sideways book, Looking Sideways Vol. 1, which further demonstrated the appetite for the type of thoughtful long-form content Looking Sideways has quickly become synonymous with.


Matthew Barr
A podcast about skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing and other related endeavours. I also make Type 2 with Patagonia Europe. Back episodes and full Show Notes: www.wearelookingsideways.com